Sunday, November 19, 2006


This was a weekend of low spirits - I was SO EXCITED to hit the mountains this weekend for some turns, anxiously counting the hours until Saturday morning and to not go dealt my morale a critical blow. I was in such absolute hold-all-my-calls mode that it never occurred to me that the conditions would totally suck.

And they did as evidenced by a quote from a venerable TGR maggot Buster Highmen - "After bidding doo-doo to M. Schmear, M. Clarke and I traversed into the bc where we found crusty horrors beyond compute." That's right, beyond compute. Yipes.

OK, so no Crystal this weekend. What about a nice trail run? Ehhh, not so much. Turns out to add insult to injury, I have been stricken not only with hover-at-33-degrees-itus but also piriformis syndrome, otherwise know as pain-in-the-but syndrome. So no running to let er rest and heal up for up-hill skinning (hopefully in the not-too-far future).

So this weekend I did some stretching, some drinking, killing more non-native plants in the yard, and I tuned all the skis (again). But the Summit opened, we have mid-week passes, they don't block out Thanksgiving, so on Thursday I AM GOING SKIING. That is all.


Anonymous Patty said...

This isn't really a comment but a hello from Patty Skuster. Good to see all of the FUN being had by you both and that you've moved closer and that your blog is accessable by googling Aaron.

I googled because I'm planning a trip to Alaska with my husband (of three weeks) and we're deciding when to go and where and hope you can offer some advice. And it'd be nice to reconnect -- I've lost track of you both.

So send me an email, if you'd like, at my pattyskuster at yahoo address.

cheers, Patty

7:47 AM  

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