Sunday, September 17, 2006

In Seattle...

Andrea and I just arrived in Seattle after the long drive down the highway from Anchorage. We took the Cassiar through BC and the whole way down, the autumn colors painted the tundra and snow covered the highest peaks. It was tough leaving Alaska, both Andrea and I have really enjoyed our time up there and, being a native Alaskan, I always leave a part of my heart there whenever I leave. It was good to drive to Seattle, to see the land change around us and feel connected to that change, to make it over the course of three days instead of the instant that a plane flight seems to be. The slower pace makes the changing lifestyle seem a little more comfortable to the brain and body.

So the blogging has slowed down this month but the visit from someone in Hawaii inspired me to get writing again. I guess now that we are living in Seattle, we should change the name of this blog to NWBC? Cascade Concrete? Who knows, I will have to think about it. But outside of some brief trips up north, our Alaska time will be pretty limited for the next two years.

In other news, right before Andrea and I left Alaska, we flew into Wrangell-St Elias National Park and did a four day backpacking trip on the Goat Trail. It was a fantastic time to go. In early September, there is no one in the national park (the preserve gets its share of moose hunters) and the snow gracing the upper peaks and passes adds color and contrast to the already beautiful surroundings. I have some time in the next couple days before work starts so I will try to put up some pictures from the trip and a little narrative.


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