Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm going to get in trouble for this...

Finally, the ski industry has shed it's prudery and gotten back to it's dorm-room hijinx, sophmoric roots. Exhibit 1 - this Stockli ad from this month's Powder Buyer's Guide - although the model appears somewhat, uh, German, the intention was there.

It harkens back to another time, when Lange ski boots ran a series of ads featuring "Lange girls" in various ski related poses and text with unquestionable inuendo.

Examples are here (yes, that's Pamela Anderson wearing the boot I had in highschool).

Ok, so this type of stuff is immature, sexist, and objectifies women. There is no question about that. And Stockli's ad does not have half the humor that the Lange posters did back in the day. (I guess the only people less funny than Germans are Swiss.) But at least we are taking ourselves less seriously. Right? It appears, at least in some form, that the Lange girls, with their dorm-room bathroom humor, are back.

For those not already totally repulsed by this post, here is a picture from Powder 1976, the year I was born (read the barn's roof). Awesome.


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Yes, definitely in trouble.

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