Monday, August 28, 2006

Lost Lake Breath of Life Race

Saturday was our final mountain race of the season, the Lost Lake race outside Seward. The whole course is 16 miles, starting with 5 miles of steady climbing up to Lost Lake, then a few miles of undulating trail around morraines and lake shores, finishing with 6 miles of glorious downhill that, if you have the legs, you can hit at break-neck speeds.

We didn't really have a goal for this race except to have fun and beat the time required to qualify for next year's Crow Pass Crossing (we are already pre-qualified because we ran the race this year so it was more of a do-it-for-fun kind of thing). Chester, Andrea, and I met this goal with change to spare and had a great time along the way.

Respective times:
Chester - 2:08:22
Aaron - 2:10:59
Andrea - 2:27:38


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