Sunday, November 12, 2006

House chores...

Well, we are back. In Seattle, in a new house, with nothing but rain for the last three weeks. So we have been cleaning non-native plants out of the yard, cleaning, caulking, foam-insulating (this I think is a uniquely Alaskan thing) and, of course, tuning skis. With the rain comes snow in the mountains, and it is coming - just a matter of time. Crystal is scheduled to open this Wednesday and Stevens is not far behind. We are planning on hitting Crystal next Saturday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron, weird weather we're having. It's so bloody cold I hate it. 10 but with the wind it's about -10.

Nice to see that you've udpated. I can't seem to get good tickets anywhere right now so I think it's Europe in the Spring and washington for some skiing. Keep us posted. teeny

4:21 PM  

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