Sunday, December 17, 2006

Why Washington is sweet

Ok, so we can't skate ski right out of our back door anymore. BUT, what we CAN do in Washington is have a great day in the mountains skiing powder on Saturday and on Sunday go for an hour-and-half trail run through tall stands of cedar and Doug fir.

Today, we headed out to Squak Mountain to see what kind of damage the storms of the previous week had done to the forests around Seattle. Oh, and what damage there was. Most of the trail was more like an obstacle course than a trail but cresting over one of the hills, with the sun beaming through the trees, I couldn't help think that maybe there was something to this snow staying only in the high mountains. Nothing like a PNW forest in the morning, with the sun burning off the mist, and the loamy trail leading you into the trees, to make you feel alive.


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