Sunday, May 28, 2006

Trent Waldron Half-Marathon - Crow Pass qualifier

On Saturday, Andrea and I ran the Trent Waldron Glacier Half-Marathon as a qualifier for Crow Pass. Part of the deal with Crow Pass is if you didn't run it the year before, you have to have run a full marathon in 4:00 or a half-marathon in 1:45 within the previous year to qualify. The last half-marathon Andrea and I ran was mid-way through lawschool and both of us finished close to 1:43 - because we have been doing mostly long trail runs as training, we weren't sure what our speed was going to be like for the race.

We picked the Trent Waldron because it starts right outside our back door and it is pretty much dead flat. If I am going to pound pavement, I don't want to deal with hills as well - save that for the trails! We both ended up running really well - faster than we thought.

I had a pretty good gap on everyone behind me by the last mile and the pace dropped off significantly - my 13th mile was a 7:30, by far the slowest. Andrea, on the other hand, had a sprint finish with another woman and missed third place overall by only a few inches.

Thanks to Bill for the Google Earth graphic.

The results are below and full results are here.

Aaron Ostrovsky 1:35:45 (3rd in age group - somewhere in the middle overall)
Andrea Ostrovsky 1:37:10 (1st in age group - fourth overall)

Special shoutout to our co-clerk Bill who met his goal of sub-2 hours with a 1:52:32.

And Andrea beat her boss, which means she may be working late next week...


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