Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rainbow Peak

After deliberating about whether our bodies could handle a full day of hiking after the Homestead Hill / Middle Fork run (see post below), we decided to suck it up and join the regular gang for a hike up Rainbow Peak. We definitely made the right choice and were not disappointed.

Larry, Sandra, Aaron and I met up with Teeny, Ray, Rich and Phil (and three pooches) at the Rainbow trailhead (just south of the road into Rainbow off the Seward highway). We headed up the Turnagain Arm trail and then veered off to the right at the top of the very long initial hill. The trail was steep and scree-ee, but manageable. As we got higher, we were doing some scrambling on our way up to the summit. The ridge line at the top was great -- just a little snow right at the top and on the back side.

Great views of Rainbow and the Inlet and the mountains on the Kenai Peninsula. Eagles and moutain goats. Little plants popping up everywhere. The day was beautiful -- sunny and warm on the way up, a little cloudy when we were on the summit, and sunny again on the way down.

Instead of heading back on the same trail, we traversed south and walked down the shoulder to tree line. Nice option now, although we wondered if it might get too brushy in the forest later on in the summer.


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