Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Homestead Hill + Middle Fork

Training for the Crow Pass Crossing continues: We started our weekend with a 19 mile trail run -- definitely our longest yet this season (and probably my longest trail run ever). Chester, Aaron, Emerson, & I started at the Campbell Air Strip parking lot, ran up Rover's Run, jumped on the Homestead Hill trail, then caught the Middle Fork trail -- followed that to Prospect Heights, then down the Powerline to Spencer Loop, Richter Loop, to Brown (black?) Bear Trail and then (eventually) back to the car. There were some seriously trying moments where we each "got in our little box" (as Aaron calls it), and just kept pushing our legs. Recommendation: don't go on Middle Fork yet. Lots of postholing interspersed between running through inches of freezing cold water and mud.

Check out Aaron's GPS map of our route:


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