Thursday, May 04, 2006

Alaska Biodiesel? (not to bump Pastoral but...)

Andrea pointed out an interesting article in the ADN today talking about expanded use of biodiesel in Anchorage. Apparently, Alaska Mill and Feed has been picking up used cooking oil for years and sending it to pet food companies in the Lower 48. But with shipping costs on the rise (guess why, yep, high cost of oil), AMF was trying to figure out what to do with the oil they could no longer afford to ship south. Well, the article explains what a huge response they received from the community.

Photo from ADN - cooking oil at AMF

Driving long distances is a necessary evil for many backcountry enthusiasts - we are lucky here in AK to have some of the best terrain right outside town. But we still head far out of town almost every weekend. Because we here at AKBC are always interested in new fuel alternatives (see our new link to NRDC on the sidebar), I thought this would be an interesting read. Andrea and I are both thinking about getting a biodiesel (well diesel that runs grassoline) car next year in Seattle where winter cold doesn't prevent use of the fuel year-round.

For more info on biodiesel in AK, click here.


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