Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is winter over?

NO! Although the snow is getting sparse in Anchorage (alas, no 50 after 5 this winter) - it is still snowing in the front range and Turnagain has repeatedly gotten dumped on. We will not surrender! This weekend's plans are a "Stick it to the Man" post-tax party at the base of Peak 3 on Friday night (organized by local hard man Rob Whitney), perhaps Alpenglow on Saturday, and Turnagain on Sunday.

Last weekend was my 30th birthday so there was not alot of skiing going on. I have some great pics from skiing Peak 3 from the summit last Thursday, which I will post this week at some point.

Also, BIG NEWS, hopefully the pics on AKBC will see a drastic improvement as I received a digital Canon 350d for my birthday! I am still learning how to use it but look forward to great shots to come!


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