Friday, March 31, 2006

Wednesday night turns on Peak 2

Chester, Andrea, and I took advantage of another sunny Wednesday night and headed up to Peak 2 behind Flattop right after work to make some turns under the setting sun.
The conditions near the road were marginal but the top 500 feet of untracked corn (south-west aspect - home come nobody went there? was it all the rocks?) made the steep hike worth it. The skiiing became increasingly bad as we headed down the mountain but we were all really impressed with how great the top portion was.

The last few turns were done in classic Chugach frontrange style - hacking our way through alders in ankle deep breakable crust. Andrea was smart enough to take the skiis off and walk but Chester and I were determined to ski EFI (every f****** inch), which we did, after multiple crashes.


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