Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Resurrection Pass Ski

We took advantage of the long weekend (Seward's Day was Monday) and rented the Fox Creek cabin on the Resurrection Pass trail on the Kenai Penninsula. My dad and brother Nick flew up from Seattle to join the usual crowd: me, Andrea, Phil and Rich, and Larry and Sandra (plus 4 dogs).

Fox Creek is about 12.5 miles in on the trail, past the first cabin. The weather was fantastic for the ski in, patchy clouds, occasional light snow interspersed with sun. But things got ugly within the first two miles when Nick tore the binding out of one of his skis after crashing on a long downhill.

It took awhile to repair the ski - we had to move the binding back about six inches, retap the screw holes with the screws themselves, then screw them back in with a leatherman. I realize this is a great do-it-all tool but it sure was a pain in the *** for re-drilling skis in the field.

Everyone stayed in the cabin on Saturday night except for Andrea and me; we camped outside in the tent, partially because there was not alot of room in the cabin and partially because when there are that many people in the cabin, a tent can be a whole lot more comfortable.

Phil and Rich hauled in Risk and we played an excellent game for about four hours - nothing better than board games in the backcountry. The next day, everyone except me, Andrea, and Nick skied out and headed back to Anchorage. The three of us stayed another day, enjoying sunshine and temps in the mid-forties - we all got a great tan! The last night was clear and the weather freezing - it was hard to keep the cabin warm with just the three of us and only wet wood for the fire but we survived. And played a six hour game of risk in which Andrea delivered Nick his first Risk defeat ever (he usually quits before he can lose).

This pic is for Larry


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