Saturday, May 19, 2007

North Cascades = OPEN

The rumors were flying that as Alpental closed and Steven's manked up, the goods were just being revealed up north. So last Saturday we got up slightly better than work-early and headed up to Washington Pass in the North Cascades to get see what Ullr had been sending to those northern giants all winter.

Apparently what Ullr had been up to all winter was planting rows of corn because we spent all day harvesting under blue bird skies and in our t-shirts.

It was HOT. I am used to stripping down to a t-shirt on the way up a climb, especially the steep booters around Liberty Bell and Early Winters. But this was one of the rare instances where when you finally get to a col, and top out, with the wind whipping, you could still sit and eat your lunch in a t-shirt.

Hopefully there will be goods up NC way for another month or so - then it's back south to the flanks of Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, and if all else fails Timberline (shudder).

Turns all year, baby, turns all year.