Monday, January 29, 2007

Dawn Patrol

Ullr has been giving Washington the big F-off for the last week or so but it's as if Mother Nature said "OK, no snow...but how about some SUN?" Wow, sun is awesome. Crappy, gnarly, crusty snow is NOT awesome - but with sun it actually gets a little awesome.
We headed up to the Alpental valley early to get some turns underneath Chair Peak before our normal day in Seattle began. We were greeted with one of those wonderful alpine mornings where the sun moves its way up the valley and is finally shining on your face, there to stay for the remainder of the day. We hit the trail at 8 am - pretty much place to ourselves - skinned and skied about 2500' before heading back. The corn was just starting to realize its own natural sweet self as we pointed our tips for the car but alas we couldn't stick around for its final incarnation.We dodged kids and dogs and sleds and snowshoers on the long slick cattrack that Alpental paves up the valley for access - the closer to the car, the more the maddness. As we drove out the parking lot past the throngs who were just starting their ski day, we felt like we stole something. But we also left plenty of corn behind for those yet to come.


Anonymous Christian said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting!

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