Friday, June 23, 2006

The solstice came and went

We had plans to spend the evening of the solstice on the summit of Flattop, an Anchorage tradition that usually involves hibachi grills, a polka band, and the slow arc of a lazy arctic summer sun across the sky. We scaled the peak, and packed the sausages, but, alas we were rained out. After an arduous climb up Flattop's south side (it was easier in the winter), we tagged the summit and headed for the car in the pouring rain. In true solstice style, though, we ate dinner at midnight in broad daylight.

And to remind us that we are now on the steady downward slope to winter (yay!), this morning I could see from my office termination dust on the mountains outside of Palmer and Eagle River. So reminds the solstice, apres moi le deluge.


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