Monday, June 19, 2006

Crow Pass Trail

On Sunday, Andrea, Chester, and I did the last 10 miles of the Crow Pass trail as an out-and-back 20 mile training run. It was definitely a different experience from the last time I did the trail, which was during the race in 2001. That year, Eagle River flooded and there were sections of the trail as long as 2 miles that were completely submerged. Add to that a poorly marked trail and more than one false turn. My time that year was 4:56 - it was a character building experience, to say the least. Ouch. Besting my Crow Pass PR shouldn't be too hard.

Particularly considering the trail is in GREAT SHAPE right now - well marked and largely water free. All three of us ran much better than we thought we would - 20 miles in 3:25. If we run this well in the race, I will be really happy.

By the way, they rescheduled the race from July 15 until July 22. They didn't tell us. Don't get me started on this - at least we didn't show up at the Crow Pass trailhead at 6 am on the wrong day! The good news is that Chester will be back from Mongolia so he will racing with us!

One final note - there is no way to take a camera on these runs so all the pictures are from the "finish line." Well, better than nothing.


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