Thursday, January 26, 2006

Turnagain in the Sun

We had a rare treat two weeks ago - a clear January day at Turnagain. Andrea, Rich, and I (and four dogs) did three runs down Tincan in knee-deep fluff. We weren't the first ones on the mountain but there was plenty of untracked if you looked for it and the sun felt SO GOOD. We met up with Hillary, Chester, and Brian for our final run down through the trees.

Last weekend, we returned to the same spot only to be greeted by near whiteout conditions. We stayed on the lower mountain in the trees and kept the camera in the pack.

This last week has been frigid in Anchorage; the mercury has not gotten above 5 in the last five days. We are heading to Turnagain tomorrow, hopefully to ski Sunburst. Although it is supposed to stay cold (Portage has been recording 17 below), we can at least count on a blue bird day and dry snow.


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