Monday, October 31, 2005

I am not a skier...

I came across this quote by Ptor Spricenieks on the Dynafit site. Ptor is one of the most conscious BC adventurers out there today, inventor of the ski wing, the non-releaseable bomber binding, and a backcountry poet and philosopher of the first degree.

I am not a skier. I am a dancer, an explorer, a child, and a philosopher. Like all humans, I am learning to fly. Sometimes, skis are my tools for soaring and on them I can resist resistance. I ride the waves called mountains in their crystalline realm of winter sleep. Sometimes they are tubing and glassy and sometimes they close out. Avalanches are the dragons that guard the peak and add romance to the challenge. Climbing is the metaphor for all of life, gaining perspective and living the sacred journey. I am the people I am with and when I am alone I am the entire world. I am the technological husk that enables me to exist in a world unsuitable for nakedness. I look up in the sky and see the birds choosing to be in the winter wind. –40c with windchill, how do such small critters keep from freezing? They just love being there. They inspire me to live a life that generates the passion for evolution towards my wildest dreams. I am mutating now. How about you?


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